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About Vik Muniz

Man relates to the environment through the landscape.

Brazilian artist and photographer Vik Muniz is widely renown for repurposing everyday materials for intricate and densely layered recreations of canonical artworks. By using food, dust, diamonds or recycled waste, he is creating fugacious works of art that he conserves a photographic images. His artistic approach is influenced by political and social, and not at least by the examination of environmental concerns.

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Exclusive for Parley, Vik Muniz will sell a limited print edition 'Paisagem' on a Parely online digital showroom featuring other world-renowned artists. 'Paisagem' depicts a filigree collaged version of the Guanabara-Bay in Rio de Janeiro. The profits of the sales of the edition will support Parley's global alliance to end marine plastic pollution, confront the plight of the oceans and take direct steps towards ending their destruction.

About The Original Art 

Vik Muniz' reinterpretation of the famous bay recharges the discarded materials by its aesthetic reuse. The original is assembled from thousand of bits ans pieces of plastic debris, composed in the form of a mosaic-like relief, which measures over 1000 square feet. 'Paisagem' is confronting us with one of the most fundamental challenges we are facing today, at the same time it is a meditation on creative thinking and actin encouraging beauty.

Images on this page: courtesy of Parley for the Oceans/Vik Muniz

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