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Office Reiner Opoku develops, realizes and manages international art- and culture projects. 

Reiner Opoku is a Berlin based art consultant and international art agent. He has curated numerous international art exhibitions since the early 1980s, and is representing a variety of renowned contemporary artists. Reiner Opoku serves as an advisor and initiator for aligning artists and the creative world with institutions, galleries and brands by creating collaboration platforms, publications and commissioned works. 

Office Reiner Opoku functions as an incubator for the creative industry and its diverse segments. The network build in nearly 40 years of experience in this professional field is the foundation of its work.

Reiner Opoku was the founding director of St. Moritz Art Masters in Switzerland and a Co-Founder of Parley for the Oceans in NYC. He is partner and executive producer for the Virtual Reality production company Mirror+Sparks in Munich and NYC.

Since the early 1980s, when I first got in contact with the ‘Young Wild Painters’ from Germany and from the United States, I realized that I wanted to work with artists. Spending time with Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring or Martin Kippenberger was the most exiting thing that could have happened to a young man like me back then.

Their personal freedom and the inspiring social group they were part of perfectly represented the kind of society that I wanted to live and work in. I found out quickly that my skills would add something to their artistic minds and that I would be able to support their work and career by introducing their art to a bigger audience.

I always felt like an additional brush or tool for the artists and creators that I have been working with over all these years. My experiences gained during the last decades helped me to take my know-how into the 21st Century, where the division between the creative forms is no longer existing in the way it was before. Today, an artist collaborating with brands and institutions is not unusual anymore and the creative industries strong influence on our society has become obvious as well. Nevertheless, there are still trusting people that are genuinely interested in translating, curating and conveying what artists are up to. 

After nearly four decades of activities within the art world, I am still very proud to work with the precious good of art and with its creators.  

 Reiner Opoku

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